ADE - Across the Wolf's Blood [2016]

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Taken from the 3rd album "Carthago Delenda Est" to be released on 15th of July 2016 through Xtreem Music (


Two lands divided by waves
the waves of a sea that is ours
our eyes brighter than the sun
marching towards... the symbols of the West

The dream of a doomed to lose
the spawn of Baal will cross the rocks
and darken your land to write our fate,
to create our legend
Our race will rise across the wolf's blood

The blade of Baal will finally strike on the unfaithful
The shadow from the south is rising...with wrath

Broken the promises of peace
we begun the mighty journey
led by our great commander
we're blessed by the gods

Gods of war give us the strength to fight
Gods of the sea protect our ships from storms
Hear our prayer, brothers fallen in battle
These are our scars, bear witness to our faith

Sons of the sun are dancing, celebrating our idols
The earth is shakin' to our rhythm...

Our race will rise across the wolf's blood!!!
Xtreem Music
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