Dani Filth Answers Fan Questions (Part Two)

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Dani Filth answers questions asked by fans through the Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa mini-site.

On November 1st 2010, the latest chapter of the band's dark history is to be released through Peaceville Records on the band's own AbraCadaver imprint. Titled 'Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa' their ninth studio album is, in the word's of Cradle's infamous frontman Dani Filth "without doubt the fastest and most brutal album we've created to date. As an acquaintance of the band so aptly noted, this is like 'Iron Maiden on crack in a graveyard of angels!"

"This album is Cradle at our most sinister and darkened fairytale," continues Dani. "A gothic horror themed slay-ride of fervour and perversion; yet amidst the orchestral melodrama and lush, cinematic production, there sits stalwart a ravening beast of furious riffing, flesh ripping vocals and monstrous, unstoppable percussion."

Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa, released on the band's own AbraCadaver imprint through Peaceville Records and through Nuclear Blast in the USA, is the band's ninth studio album and has been described by Rocksound as displaying:

"a masterful control over the multi-faceted Cradle of Filth sound; brutal vocal gymnastics, skull-rattling double-kicks, symphonic flourishes, dramatic narrative and balls-out axe-slinging all make their presence known, but in a manner which routinely serves to bolster the coherency of the greater whole...this fucking slays."

And by Metal Hammer as:

"Yet another sumptuous and spectacular eruption of gothic melodrama, perverted sonic schlock and balls-out extreme metal bombast... a dazzling and dastardly display of destructive devilry."

A special limited fans' edition of the album is available exclusively from the Peaceville site. Dani has already stated, this is will be, 'the best Cradle Of Filth release that we have ever created, the ultimate version of our ultimate album. For you, our loyal mortal appreciators.'

As this fans' edition is strictly limited we are obliged to restrict purchases to one box per order to avoid unlucky fans being ripped off by unscrupulous traders (on eBay etc).

The fans' edition comes packaged in a deluxe hard box containing:

2CDs -- the album plus a disc of bonus tracks and demos (including Adest Rosa Secreta Eros, an exclusive track that will not be available on any other edition of the album)

DVD -- the promo video for Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned) plus a documentary on the making of the video

A LP sized 64 page hard-back book. The book features hi-quality artwork and photos and a short story based around the album written by Dani. A sneak preview of some of the pages from the book, which will also house the 2CDs and DVD included in the set, is now on the band's mini-site.

An exclusive t-shirt available only in this box

A stunning limited edition lenticular 3D image of the album cover art , ready for framing

Five 8" x 6"photographic prints of members of the band.

An official certificate of authenticity from the band

To order the Exclusive Fans' Edition Boxset for£49.95 (+ P&P) visit... burningshed.com/​store/​peaceville/​multiproduct/​231/​1902/​

The double, heavyweight (180gsm), coloured (1 disc on blue and 1 disc on red) vinyl edition is limited to 2000 numbered copies and comes packaged a gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves. The vinyl edition also comes with a dropcard with a unique code to download digital version the album.

To order the vinyl edition for £17.99, visit...

A 2CD edition of the album is also available, which features four bonus tracks and comes packaged in a 20 page digibook.To order the digibook edition for £11.99, visit...

For audio samples, downloads and loads more go to the mini-site at: peaceville.com/​cradleoffilth

Buy Cradle of Filth albums from the Peaceville store: burningshed.com/​store/​peaceville/​collection/​231/​

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