Destrage "Destroy Create Transform Sublimate" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Destrage's video for "Destroy Create Transform Sublimate" from their album "Are You Kidding Me? No." out now on Metal Blade Records.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we're proud to release our live video for our new album opener "Destroy Create Transform Sublimate", this song and its lyrics means a lot to us. The live footages are taken from our first 3 shows of our Italian tour and you guys were totally insane! Soon we'll announce more tours, we really can't wait to hit you all on the road!" - Paolo

Directed by Mat (Matteo Di Gioia @ The Jack Stupid)
Camera: Michael Gardenia, Vadim Pegassov, Andrea Bassoli, Margherita Gualino, Larsen Premoli
Grading: Michael Gardenia

"Destroy Create Transform Sublimate" lyrics:

I've got a fistful of nothing
And if you ask me what i did it for
I did it for love
I did it for beauty
I did it for pure fun

I was asked what is it for
And i answered that i don't know yet
If you can't predict it
Then it's interesting
You can roll with it
You're ready to go

You think you learned the rules
But instead you just narrowed your view
Learn on your skin not from those books
Fail as much as you can
Try again, don't be afraid
Fail as much as you can
Who cares in the end?

Destroy create transform sublimate
Take the risk
Pack your shit and go
Or obey emulate conform duplicate
If you'd rather stay and watch

Destroy create transform sublimate
For the sake of it
For it all

I've got it
I've got a fistful of nothing
It's the most precious thing i have
People keep on saying it's worthless
But i definitely think they can go fuck themselves

I made it up choosing paths
Day by day i made my choice
Choices are for die-hard people
They are worth making
Even if the outcome makes no point

Style is a work around of what you can't do
It has more to do with limits than skills

I will find my way
I will marry an idea
Marry an idea
And cheat it with a thousand others

But i'll always be faithful
To my fistful of nothing

We'll never lose
We'll never stop
Because we're running without a goal
And we'll never die 'cause this run keeps us alive

We are all here to witness the indomitable power of creation
As creative energy spreads like a relentless force infecting every single atom
Art in all its manifestations conducts us closer to god
And the struggle of our thinking resolves into uncontaminated imagination
Metal Blade Records
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