Devil's Train

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"II" will be in stores on January 23rd in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Finland and Spain, on January 26th in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, the UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway and Denmark and on January 27th in Italy.

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Following the positive reactions and a wide media echo on their self-titled debut in 2012, DEVIL’S TRAIN got their follow-up in the pipeline, now. Again and again have their supporters expressed their joy about a band still combining the heavy sound of the 80s with the classic hard rock attitude of the 70s. Even though, DEVIL’S TRAIN had been thought to be a short-term side project in the beginning, it got clear pretty quickly that everyone had simply too much fun working together to quit – the outcome is quite impressive indeed. Instead of keeping it easy and following the straight concept of traditional heavy rock with a biker attitude, which had been so well accepted in the past, DEVIL’S TRAIN have been refining and enriching their individual style for their classically titled follow up „II“ without compromising any of their principles.

By doing that, the international quartet never appears to be old-fashioned in any way, they rather add some irony to it. Hard and heavy, but still emotional and, above all, honest – DEVIL’S TRAIN are 100% authentic.

„All of us love this bluesy stuff, which the brilliant ‚Badlands‘, ‘Tesla’, ‘Cindarella’, or ‘Tangier’ used to play”, tells Liapakis. “You’ll find hints of it in many of our songs. Of course, they were also found on our debut, but not as prominent as on this one. It just felt right to put more emphasis on it in songs like ‚Can You Feel‘ or ‚Suffocated‘. The most radical song in this matter is surely ‚Mr. Jones‘, which is definitely one of my favorites on the record.”

With all this remarkable awareness of traditions, DEVIL’S TRAIN is still no pure retro-act; for instance, the band adds traces of stoner rock to their songs. “That’s one element we enjoy very much. I think that’s one of the details contributing to the fact that we are not only addressing established rock lovers, but also welcoming loads of younger fellows in our audience”, says the singer cheerfully.

As a similarity to their first record, not only do DEVIL’S TRAIN prove to be excellent songwriters and composers, but also to be brilliant interpreters of all time rock classics. This time, the musicians adapt with a lot of love for the originals Led Zeppelin’s monumental „Immigrant Song“ and the biker-hymn per se, Steppenwolfs „Born To Be Wild“, to make them their own.

In respect of the band’s members’ references, there had never been a doubt about the technical performance or quality of DEVIL’S TRAIN. But „II“ has quite a few positive and enjoyable surprises in store, considering the authenticity and effectivity of presenting their different, more emotional, and down-to-earth sound.

Follow this link to the first video „Hollywood Girl“:

1. Down On You 2. Hollywood Girl 3. Gimme Love 4. Mr. Jones 5. Can You Feel 6. Rock Forever
7. Let’s Shake It 8. Girl Like You 9. Born To Be Wild 10. You And Me 11. Thunderstorm
12. Suffocated 13. Immigrant Song (Bonus Track)

R.D. Liapakis – vocals (Mystic Prophecy, Valley’s Eve)
Jörg Michael – drums (Ex. Running Wild, Saxon, Stratovarius)
Jari Kainulainen – bass (Masterplan, Ex. Stratovarius, Evergrey)
Lakis Ragazas – guitar (Mystic Prophecy)
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