KXM 'Rescue Me' Official Music Video From The Same Titled Debut Album - OUT MAY 30th

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KXM, new rock supergroup consisting of George Lynch (Lynch Mob, ex. Dokken), Ray Luzier (drummer of Korn) and King's X vocalist/bassist Doug Pinnick, herald their highly anticipated first offspring. Their debut album "KXM" will be released via earMUSIC on May 30th.

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K like Korn. X as in King's X. M as with Lynch Mob. With their creative union called KXM, which came into life through a jamming mood, King's X vocalist Doug Pinnick, Korn drummer Ray Luzier and guitarist George Lynch (ex. Dokken, Lynch Mob) have channeled their musical talents into a unique symbiosis of hard rock music.

KXM was conceived like many great things are: by chance. During a party at Luzier's house the host asked his friends Pinnick and Lynch if they wanted to hang out and jam with him some time. And since both of them are crazy about music and always happy to try out new things, the answer of course was positive. They met at the next opportunity, jammed straight on, chimed together perfectly and all of a sudden had a whole album of powerful rock songs in the can.

George Lynch still feels giddy about this new rock alliance. "KXM is just one big happy accident! When Ray, Doug and I got together to talk about doing this we just thought we'd get together very casually, have some fun and do some jamming, and see what came of it, without any real high expectations. We had no management, label, crew, studio... we didn't even have a song!" he says with a laugh. "Our one rule was that we leave any and all preconceived ideas at home and that we would start from scratch and build something new from the ground up. Ten days later we had an album. Now there's this nice big buzz out there and we're all kind of shocked. The response was unexpected ...and exciting! I haven't been involved in a project that's generated this kind of excitement since the Lynch Mob 'Wicked Sensation' release in 1990. It feels great...and it feels right."

But first and foremost, it sounds great and right. The wonderfully catchy first album single "Rescue Me" shows what this rock collective is capable of: Pinnick's unique voice and his distorted bass grooves meld with Luzier's powerful and precise drumming and Lynch's buzzing trademark riffs into fresh and vibrant rock anthem. However, this is just a foretaste of what is to come, that is, an album whose diversity and dynamic will not only thrill all fans of the trio's main bands but any friend of powerful rock music in general as well. On their eponymous debut, which was produced by Chris Collier (Lynch Mob, Lita Ford, Tommy Bolin), KXM cover the whole spectrum of modern rock music: from the emotional ballad "Never Stop Loving You" to the mesmerizingly unsettling "Sleep" to the epic and vigorous "Human Friction".

When three musicians of this caliber unite it's not necessarily a given that something great will ensue. However, it is possible that something great ensues -- if the oft-quoted chemistry is right. With KXM the chemistry is right indeed. The outcome is a debut album that will shake the strongholds of rock music.

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