RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER - "Nothing Defeats The Skull"

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RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER - "Nothing Defeats The Skull", taken from the album 'Living For Death, Destroying The Rest' - available now via Relapse Records.Buy on iTunes here:
Buy at Relapse here:

Directed by David Causa for The DC Experience, produced by DRP Entertainment.

From an unseen crypt, in an untold realm,
The land that is hidden from our enemies,
An ultimate force in a buried tomb,
A power that shatters your soul

The weapon that only the chosen can wield
The leader and thievery master
It has taken a lifetime to reveal the power

You can't escape from this terror
The master, He wields a skull
All powerful and horrible, a fireball,
The ultimate attacking force, it will be thrown
Invincible, it's the final strike,
Release the skull!

The one undefeatable weapon,
The most prized possession,
Of the burglaring knife-wielding thieves,
A skull, a symbol ofprestige,
A treasure that is taken from the head,
Of a demonic fiend.
The weapon has never been needed,
For our enemies all cower and kneel,
But one day, a naïve opposition
Will have to be blasted into oblivion - Bastards!

Our daggers will cut you,
Unless you bang your fucking head!

With deceivery and daggers, the thieves will kill
Nothing defeats the Skull!

The demon King has given his skull as a reward,
Granting us power with his cranium of horns,
Only one can wield and the prince his son,
Our leader, soul stealer, lone possessor of the command.

Our unlimited power is fuelled by a vortex of souls in hell,
And it grows from the spirits of the foes of the thievery clan
If you want to become another stiff a vessel
That's drained of its life,
Step into the realm of the grim only to cower
Relapse Records
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