CRYSTAL VIPER - Fight Evil With Evil // 2013 Single

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TITLE: CRYSTAL VIPER Fight Evil With Evil // official single 2013
CRYSTAL VIPER "Fight Evil With Evil". Scroll down for lyrics & synopsis!

Taken from the new studio album "Possession" - out on Friday 13, December 2013, on AFM Records. Music and lyrics: Marta Gabriel. Produced by Bart Gabriel. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mariusz Pietka.
Marta Gabriel - vocals, guitars / Andy Wave - guitars / Golem - drums / Michal Badocha - bass guitar. Special guest: Harry Conklin - vocals (JAG PANZER, SATAN'S HOST, TITAN FORCE)


Julia's parents have no clue, that The Exorcist is actually the evil one. He thinks that the evil can only be stopped only with even more evil. The only way to kill the demon inside Julia, is by killing her. He tries to convince her parents that his way is right, but they start to cry...


(The Exorcist:)
Demon is screaming
Evil and loud
I am protected by holy ghost
Demon is growling
I'm not afraid
The battle has begun, no way back, it's too late

God will judge me
I know what to do
I am his soldier, protector of truth
Cross will be my sword
I know that game
Just one look in her eyes, and I know what's his name!

Don't judge me, you can't
Fight evil with evil
In holy name of god I kill
To hell I won't bend
Fight evil with evil
Don't ask questions, it is god's will

For demons I hunt
Many have died
But let god decide if that is right
I don't ask questions
I feel their hate
They do not understand, it's my fate

Yes, time to begin
What did you say?
No turning back now, it is too late!
Bring me the candles
And lock the doors
I know he will try to escape, I feel his force

The devil I see
End justifies the means
She needs to die
Her soul is in my hands
It's because of your sins
She needs to die

Exorcism I will start
With god's will on my side
Evil is here
We don't have much time
With the devil I fight
The end is near
AFM Records
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