Autopsy - Humiliate Your Corpse (from Shitfun) 1995

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Shitfun is the fourth studio album by Autopsy released in 1995. It was their last album before their fourteen-year break up from 1995 to 2009. In 2003, it was re-released with ten bonus live tracks.
Track listing [edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Deathmask"
2. "Humiliate Your Corpse"
3. "Fuckdog"
4. "Praise the Children"
5. "The Birthing"
6. "Shiteater"
7. "Formaldehigh"
8. "I Sodomize Your Corpse"
9. "Geek"
10. "Brain Damage"
11. "Blood Orgy"
12. "No More Hate"
13. "Grave Violaters"
14. "Maim Rape Kill Maim"
15. "I Shit on Your Grave"
16. "An End to the Misery"
17. "The 24 Public Mutilations"
18. "Bathe in Fire"
19. "Bowel Ripper"
20. "Burnt to a Fuck"
21. "Exremental Ecstacy"
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